IL-XTRU-3579: 39.4 in. Non-Anodized Aluminum Channel for Driveway, Pavement, or Floor Applications


The XTRU-3579 LED Profiles are an innovative way to create your own light fixtures with LED Tape Light. Suitable for surface mounting or recessed installation, these high quality profiles provide a unique way to make use of linear low voltage lighting and are the designer's choice for creating light fixtures for commercial and residential LED strip lighting.

The XTRU-3579 Aluminum Mounting Channel is used to hold LED tape light and allows you to create your own custom LED low voltage lighting scheme.

Please note: These profiles are only compatible with LED strip light 0.5 inches wide or smaller. They are compatible with ThinGlow Standard, High Output, and RGB tape lights.

Profile Length Surface Finishing Item Number
profile1 1m/ 3.28ft (standard)
2m/ 6.56ft (standard)
2 - 6m/ 6.56ft - 19.685ft (special order)

Non Anodized


Web Example 2

1m/ 3.28ft Cover

2m/ 6.56ft Cover

Frosted96% Transparent, more rigid, perfectly flat 1316
IL-XTRU-4369 Aluminum Profile

1m/ 3.28ft Cover

2m/ 6.56ft Cover

Endcap PCV

Endcap PCV with hole

IL-XTRU-3776 for mounting into grooves

1240mm (48.81inch) L x 30mm (1.18inch) W

x 10-100 (.4inch - 3.94inch) H

Base Foam 1466

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Fixture produces uniform line of light (nt dotted), designed to meet Ip 67 waterproof level, environment friendly.

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- Lighting or illimination of certain area (stream of light may vary depending on the power of applied LEDs)
- Different types of pavements, sidewalk surfaces, communication routes, bike lanes, divays, parking lots
- Profile construction makes it durable and sturdy, resistant to standard loads