XTRU-RAIL LED Profile is designed for lighting assembly in steel, stainless steel or aluminum pipe handrails and balustrades. This high quality profile offers an unique way to make use of linear low voltage lighting and is the designer's choice for commercial and residential handrail lighting
Please note: These profiles are only compatible with strip light 0.4 inches wide or smaller. They are compatible withThinGlow LED Strip Light.

• Two different mounting inserts allow installation in diameters from 41 mm - 48 mm (1.65'' to 1.92'')

• Fixed to the finished edge of a step with screws or an adhesive

• IP67 rating available*

• Max. length = 104.8 cm (41.29”)

• Max. Watt/ft = 15W/m (4.6W/F)

*IP67 relies on proper sealing and installation.


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img 2

New profile for step application

img 3

Upper signal illumination and bottom stair tread light