IL-XTRU-0973: 39.4 in. Medium Density Fiberboard Channel


The X-TRU-0973 LED Profiles are an innovative way to create your own light fixtures with LED Tape Light. Suitable for surface mounting or recessed installation, these high quality profiles provide a unique way to make use of linear low voltage lighting and are the designer's choice for creating light fixtures for commercial and residential LED strip lighting.

The X-TRU-0973 Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Mounting Channel is used to hold LED tape light and allows you to create your own custom LED low voltage lighting scheme.

Please note: These profiles are only compatible with strip light 0.4 inches wide or smaller. They are compatible withThinGlow LED Strip Light.

Profile Length Surface Finishing Item Number
profile1 1m (standard)
Standard Color: NC5 5-2005Y20R
(other colors made to order)
Web Example 2

1m/ 3.28ft Cover

2m/ 6.56ft Cover

70% Transparent (Frosted), more rigid, perfectly flat 1547
96% Transparent, more rigid, perfectly flat 1548
IL-XTRU-4369 Aluminum Profile

1m 3.28ft Cover

2m 6.56ft Cover

70% Transparent (Frosted), more rigid, perfectly flat

96% Transparent, more rigid, perfectly flat 1370
IL-XTRU-3776 for mounting into grooves


End cap 3D 0959
End cap 3D with hole 1451

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Indoor: interior design, furniture (kitchen cabinets, closets, thin furniture elements) stairs, exhibitors, scenography, advertisements, hotels, work stations, furniture corners, 45 degree profile; all kinds of grooves, inputs or surface edges.

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Small dimensions, lightweight, easy assembly, universal application, 45 degree angle - enables light to be directed in such a way that it does not irritate the eyes of the potential user, environment friendly